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Umberger Agency is a full service Voice Over agency representing voice actors in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, and Italy. Specializing in TV - Film - Radio - Commercials - Animation - Promo - Narration. Our agency is recognized as having one of the strongest voice-over rosters in the country. We work hard to maintain the trust and respect of our clients and talent on the west coast, east coast, and everywhere in between. We sincerely appreciate our on-going relationships with them all.

About the Owner: Jeffrey Umberger

Jeffrey Umberger (Born 1963) was a Casting Producer for 2 seasons on DIY Network's 'MEGA DENS'. He scouted for the TV series 'COLLECTOR INSPECTOR' on HGTV, and 'BREATHING ROOM' on Fine Living Network. Later, he began working in commercial casting with Casting Director Kris Redding, eventually transitioning into a career as a talent agent. Jeffrey now owns Umberger Agency, with one of the most respected voice over talent rosters in the country. He has long been affiliated with music, acting, and photography. An accomplished musician, he enjoyed a long career as a society pianist in Beverly Hills and Atlanta, most notably performing Jazz and Classical at the legendary Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead. As a composer, he scored music for the Billy Dee Williams film GOOD NEIGHBOR, The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, and a short film by SOUTH PARK animator Dustin Woehrmann, among other credits. In 2003 Jeffrey opened his award winning photography company, Jeddy Photo. His black and white art photography was purchased as set-design for the TV sitcom 'HOUSE OF PAYNE'. In 2010 and 2011 Jeffrey was a judge for the Miss Georgia and Miss Tennessee Pageants for Greenwood Productions.

In 2014, Jeffrey was presented with the 'Outstanding Achievement Award' by the Georgia Entertainment Gala.

Info on his acting career here: Jeffrey Umberger on Internet Movie Database

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